WoodStar Themes released

This is the initial release for the Woodstar themes. You can preview the themes here and try them in the live demo.

WoodStar theme is a drupal 6 themes with wood in mind. The theme has 15 block regions.

The theme also support the nice menu module, the nice menu module is prethemed in the menu block regions.

For the slider the theme uses the scrollable content module. The content slider block region is specially prepared to display the scrollable content module.

Snippet - Adding a custom html tag to your local task menu

Sometimes when you are theming drupal 6 $message (local task menu), you discovered then you want a new html tag added to the local task menu. For example, you may need to add span tag in front of the li tag, this can be done in the theme level in your drupal template.php file.

Drupal Modules - Creating a Menu Item without link

When you are in need to create a dummy menu item that links to nowhere or just a separator for your drop down menu then you will appreciate this Special menu items module.

Using Special menu items module you don't have to code anything in your template.php or creating a custom module just to do this simple task. You just have to follow the gui in your site and you can have a special dummy menu or just a separator for your menu created quickly.

Project name : Special menu items module

Drupal Modules - Battling the schema api with drupal schema modules

If you like to build a drupal module then you may realize that coding a hook_schema code for you custom module table is really hard and time wasting.

Why?, you already build the custom database table manually and instead of just parsing the database command in the custom module, in the "correct" drupal way, you are required to transform the database table to a hook_schema array to utilize the drupal install api.

Drupal Theming Ubercart dashboard

Ubercart dashboard is build using tables with not very complete class or id that makes it hard to theme in a custom theme.

Sure if your custom theme doesn't have a sidebar or the width for the content is wide like 900px, the page won't be broken but how about if the content area of the theme is not too wide?

Surely the ubercart admin page will overflow to the sidebar or worst displayed below the sidebar.

But hey ubercart developer might have already thought this could happened, they provides us with hook_theme for the function that renders the admin page.

Drupal Modules - Block page visibility

The block page visibility module is a contribution module that helps you administer block visibility easily and faster than the standard drupal block visibility page.

Why? it's because by installing and enabling this module you can now configure where the blocks should be visible and where the blocks shouldn't visible in a single page rather than have to reload the block configure page for every block that you want to configure.

This will save time when developing a drupal site with lots of dynamic viewable block in the site.

Snippet - Emulating phptemplate_preprocess_page on drupal 5

If you want to have drupal 6 phptemplate_preprocess_page to process your variables then use this function :

function _phptemplate_variables($hook, $vars) {

  $function = 'phptemplate_preprocess_'. str_replace('-', '_', $hook);
  if (function_exists($function)) {

  return $vars;

and then continue by using the standard drupal 6 preprocess_page function

function phptemplate_preprocess_page(&$vars) {
  // Manipulate the $vars array here.