Drupal Tips - Freeing your database from logs

This article is about how to move the log message to files instead of saving them in database.

Although it may not be acceptable for every one to store the logs in a file, but it will surely helps to ease the database load for sites in share hosting.

The key to do this is by installing the rawlog module, as usual you need to download the module from http://drupal.org/project/rawlog , then unzip then to your modules directory (sites/all/modules) and enable it on admin/build/modules page.

Drupal Lavalamp 2.1 Released

For those who have purchase lavalamp menu module from drupalstore.info, We would like to let you know that a fix for the version 2 is available to download.

The version 2.1 will fix the problem of lavalamp module with block cache.

If you want to have the updated version please drop email to admin@drupalstore.info and we will add the file download to your download page.

Thank you.

Drupal Modules that you must have in your site

Drupal has thousand of contribution modules that you can download and install in your site. This article is to help you a little bit in selecting those contribution modules to create a combination that will works on your site.

This guide is based on my personal opinion only, other developer might have different set of module that they are used to install and configure.

Here is my list of favorite modules :

1. addtoany - provides share this button
2. addtofavorites - provides bookmark button for browser bookmark
3. admin_menu - main menu for administering drupal site.

Drupal - Taming the Username Check module

Username Check module provides us a very user friendly autocomplete form to check if user entered username already exists or not.

The only problem that likely to occurs on your site with custom theme is the positioning of the ajax throbber image.

Since the module "calculates" the position of the image using java script, then practically overriding the css for the image position is kinda useless.

The approach to handle this problem is by creating another java script to move the image after the original script positioning.

To do that you can use this code :

Drupal - Multiple dynamic block region

When developing a drupal site, we are sometimes faces the problem of displaying block dynamically, like "Block A" is needed to be displayed only on "Page A".

Sure you can debate that this feature is built-in in the block administration area, but do you ever face a site with 50 block that need to be displayed dynamically per page?

How much time is wasted to configure all those 50 block?

Although my solution is not 100% perfect or fool proof, it surely helps me cut down the time wasted in configuring each block.

Drupal Module : Beauty Tips

Kids :
"Mommie I want those cool bubble tips for me site, me site is drupal.."

Mom :
"Worry no more me son, me got you Beauty Tips... "

Want to have cool bubble tips for your drupal site but have no skill in cracking those confusing jQuery script?

Look no further, just download the BeautyTips module, unpack it to your drupal module installation folder, do some configuration in it's admin page and voila you got your self bubble tips for your form textfield.

Drupal Tips : Ajax content load in a popup

In this article we will dissect one of my custom module which function is to load a drupal node and render it in a jQuery modal box.

The module will utilizes simpleModal jQuery plugin and custom ajax script to fetch drupal node and display it inside a modal box.

Drupal - Is this site made of drupal?

Sometimes when we surf the net we stumble upon a cool looking site and wanted to know if the site is made of Drupal or not.

Sure you can check if that site is made of drupal by checking for certain url such as /user or /node, but as always a simple question will be asked "Do we have a simpler way to do this?"

You may not know that there is a website that is made to do the drupal checking process for you.