Drupal 7 Released

Finally after long wait, Drupal released the 7 version. This new version will enhanced user usability experiences.

While we will continue to support Drupal version 6 for our modules and theme products, all new features and enhancement will go to Drupal 7 version of our products.

Drupal Using Body Class

Sometimes when we are in theming a drupal theme process may encounter unique situation that require us to handle condition for layout when the page is loaded with or without javascript enabled at the client side.

Resotto Themes Upgraded

We have upgraded the Resotto themes to 2.0 version, along with the upgrade new features added.

New feature such as :
1. Ajax Content Slider
2. Button with icon using sexybutton
3. jQuery masonry for the frontpage
4. Dynamic 1 or 2 column layout
5. More dynamic regions added for footer, sidebar and header area
6. Custom fieldset design

and many more....

Check out the new version at http://www.drupalstore.info/product/resotto-themes

Drupal Submit button with image

By default Drupal 6 submit button is plain html input submit form, while you can add border, outline and background color to it without worrying about the different submit button width that Drupal produces, the result will never be as beautiful as if you skin the button with image.

Drupal 6 has a module that can do the image skinning for you : button_style module. The caveats of the module is as of this writing, the module will not display the ahah round throbber properly without a hack to ahah.js.

Wordpress build an image slider

This article will guide you on how to build an image slider for wordpress version 3 using jQuery tools script from flowplayer.org.

Most of the code is taken from Drupal scrollable content module, so if you found this article useful don't forget to drop a thank you note for the jQuery tools and Drupal scrollable content module author.

Now let us begin coding.....

Ubercart Theming Cart Empty Page

Do you know that you can theme ubercart cart empty page easily? The ubercart cart empty page is basically an "empty" page without complex coding attached into it. Practically the ubercart standard cart empty page is not really usable for a running web store.

Ubercart Wrap The Checkout Review Page

This is a very simple snippet to theme your ubercart checkout review page by wrapping all the data in a fieldset to match your drupal theme fieldset.

Drupal Theming Recent Comment Block

As we all may already know, Drupal core recent comment block is what we can say beautiful, It is really basically coded without the respect of aesthetically designed element considered.

This blog article will somehow improve the functionality of the Drupal core comment block by allowing the block to show the user picture.

We will do the theming utilizing drupal hook without touching the core code, so all the modification is going to be in theme template.php.

Drupal - Speed up your site

You can speed up a drupal site by setting some of the options found in admin/settings/performance page.

Settings that needed to be set at that page are :
1. Enable the caching option, set to "normal" to ensure compatibility with other contribution modules
2. Enable the page compression option, if your web server support this
3. Enable the block caching, this could pose problem with other contribution module especially if the contribution module loads the js or css via hook_block not via hook_init and if the contribution module needs to fetch data dynamically.