Drupal 7 : Creating Horizontal Login bar without module

Do you know that you can create a new form directly from theme template.php without the need of creating a module in Drupal 7? Armed with that knowledge, we will build a new login form and transform it to become a horizontal login bar.

Drupal Modules : Ubercart Mini Slider 2.0 Released

jQuery Ubercart mini slider module name is now changed to Ubercart Mini Slider.
The latest version of Ubercart Mini Slider 2.0 is a major update from the previous 1.3 version.

You can preview the latest version at http://victheme.com/product/ubercart-mini-slider

The latest version features :
1. Sort product per ubercart taxonomy
2. Sort product per ubercart content type
3. GUI configuration for displaying / hiding :
- Add to cart button
- Buy Now button
- Download button (only available if you installed drupie download role module)

Drupal 6 - Cleaning Imagecache on Cron run

This day I got a notice from my web hosting provider saying that my website has used up all of its available hard disk space..... Sound familiar?

If you have ten thousand images with several imagecache presets set for each of the images, soon or later your site will accumulate enough image file to fill out the available hard disk space.

To counter this problem actually is very easy, if you do have a root access to your webserver, you can just a cron to delete all those files periodically.

Drupal 6 - Theming the user login block

If we are building a Drupal 6 site, there will be time where we are facing the needs to modify the user login block.

Sometime we can get away by just modifying the css for it but have you ever got the need to remove the "username" and "password" legend element from the block?.

Sure you can just use css to "hide" them but is it the right way to do it?.

This is where we need to do some template preprocessed within our theme template.php. Some example for this : We call the theme function to register the new theme override for the user login block :

Drupal 7 - Loading Internet Explorer 7 fixes css

Drupal 7 introduces a new preprocess function that basically process the output of everything in the html section of your rendered page.

Basically the function : function yourTheme_preprocess_html(&$variables) takes care of loading javascript file, css file and many more function that supposedly goes to the head section of your rendered page, although it is a powerful and convenient function to have, sometimes it can be a bit confusing to do simple things such as defining an Internet explorer only css.

Drupal 7 - theme_imagecache replacement

Drupal 7 integrate the notorious Drupal 6 imagecache module in its core, so without installing additional modules, we can resize and cache images in Drupal 7 easily.

While the core image module provides GUI to create the "style" ("presets" in Drupal 6) and field module provides GUI for selecting which "style" is going to be used for displaying the image, how about if we need to do it via code like in node.tpl.php?

Drupal 7 - Printing block region in node.tpl.php

Drupal 7 will consider "node" $content as a block region, which has advantages over the old "special" $content variable in Drupal 6. Now since the $content is a block region, themer no longer needs to provide special region area in top / bottom of the node, a site builder just have to put the "top node" block in the content region and set it to be on top / bottom of the content block.

Drupal 7 - Tweaking search bar

In this article we will provide theme snippet for tweaking the search bar form via theme layer using form_alter in Drupal 7, That's right "form_alter" via theme layer instead of custom module :).

The purpose of this snippet is to add inline js that will show "search" text and when user click on the search bar, the "search" text will automatically removed using jQuery.

Drupal 7 - Showing User Picture in recent comment block

Is it that hard to include code for allowing user to select if they want to show user picture in the recent comment block?.

Well, Drupal 7 hasn't got that feature. So if you want to do it, as Drupal 6 you can either build custom block with views or theme the comment block to achieve it.

Drupal 7 - Lavalamp module released

To celebrate the release of Drupal 7, we also release our most popular module Drupal lavalamp for Drupal 7.

For customer who already purchases Drupal 6 version of the module in the past, you will need to login to your download area to download the Drupal 7 version of the module. If you encounter problem in downloading the Drupal 7 version of Lavalamp module please drop email to admin@drupalstore.info