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Drupal Show and hide form default text using jQuery

You can do hide and show a "Default text" in a form text field, like for example in a username login text field, we would like to show a default "username" text on it that will be cleared when user click on that text field.

Drupal creating a third level tabs

We all know about Drupal primary and secondary tabs, but now you need to have a "third level" tabs.

Is it even possible with Drupal 6? What Drupal doesn't exactly let its user know that with the current tabs menu system it is very much possible to have "third level" tabs, or even to have more than 3 level tabbing system.

The key to it is retrieving the menu parents and fetching the children of the parent regardless of what level is the parent or the children.

Drupal 7 Snippet Removing node types from frontpage

Sure we can remove any node from displaying in the front page by various way, you can select it not to be published to front page from the content type edit form or node edit form, you can also use $node to set the status to be not published to front page and invoke node_save to save it, you May also use views to replace your frontpage alltogether..... blah blah blah.

So don't complain that the way that I'm going to show you is impractical etc... I did this code just because I can and it is needed for my case.

Drupal 7 Snippet retrieving image type field name

When building a module for Drupal 7, we surely have to deal with complex field, bundles and entities.

Sometimes we need to fecth a field name from a certain bundles and Drupal 7 hasn't provided any function to easily do this. Why do you want to fetch a field name? Most likely you wont need to fetch it programmatically if you know what is the field name, but how about if you are building modules / themes for general use?

There is no way you could know what is the field machine name that the user created later on?

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