Top 20 Drupal 7 module you must install

Drupal 7 is getting mature as the time of this writting and many of its contribution modules is on stable state.
Here is a list of top 20 Drupal 7 modules that you must install to enhances your Drupal Site
1. Token
This module will provide you with tokenized feature. Most important for automatic pathauto pattern.
2. Pathauto
Without this Drupal can still provide clean urls but without any automatic pattern generation
3. CKeditor

Simplicity Premium Drupal Theme Review

Simplicity for Drupal is a clean and dynamic theme with responsive design that is completely customizable.

After an easy instillation, changing the themes default settings are simple.

Here are a few highlights that make Simplicity stick out from other Drupal Themes:

* The ability to alter the colors of the site in every aspect with 1140 CSS Grid system makes it flexible enough for any web designer.

If you're not completely ready to jump into the color pallet there are 5 preset color combinations.

Drupal 6 How to Create table sort with form element

If you are a savvy drupal coder then you should know that it is very tricky business to create a table output with sortable header and forms in the row.

Why? is this hard to do in Drupal 6?, the answer is most example on the internet will point to do a "sortable header" in a table via theme layer, while to include a "form element" we need to utilize a form array that called from drupal_get_form() function.

Happy announcement

Dear Members and all users,

We're happy to announce that we'll be releasing Drupal7 Premium theme which is now is in the testing stage and hopefully will be ready for all members to download soon enough within this month.

Thanks for the support, concern, and for keeping up with us:)


Drupal 7 - Transforming Vertical tabs into a horizontal tabs

We love the vertical tabs, makes Drupal administration form looks much cleaner than without it.

But sometimes we want the full width of a page to be usable for our complex form and vertical tabs is eating up the left spaces with its tabs.

So what is the solution? Transform the vertical tabs into a horizontal tabs with a few line of css code is very much possible and it will retain the functionality.

Just Launched Galleria Portfolio Premium Drupal7 Theme

We're gladly to inform to all our members that we've just launched Galleria Portfolio Drupal 7 theme which you're welcome to download and for all users, welcome to join us as a member and get an access to download.

Drupal - QuickTabs Sliding with custom jQuery

If you are a savvy Drupal builder or developer, you may be familiar with Quicktabs module which will easily allows you to create a tabbed content with a few point and click.

Have you ever wish that Quicktabs provide a better animation for displaying / hiding the content? Wish no more... I'll provide a jQuery snippet and some guide to create a full width sliding effect using Quicktabs as the base.

Note: this code is not tested with Quicktabs + AJAX fetching content. it may or may not work.