Comment subject - Hide your comment subject

If you google around then you won't believe how many post is there asking for help to hide the comment subject in the comment reply form for drupal.

The easiest way to do this is by installing comment subject module, the module will hide the comment subject field and prepare a programmatic comment subject replacement using token or other methods.

Its a simple, easy yet functional module that you must have in your drupal site

Menu Editor Module - Conquer your menu

If you have build a drupal site then you should know its really a painstaking job to create a lot of menu entry using the standard drupal menu edit form.

In every menu link item that you wish to create, you will need to refresh the page at least once. If you made a mistake in creating the menu entry then its another additional page load for reopening the link and then another page load to save the right entry.

Not to mention if you are going to delete a menu entry, at least 3 page refresh is needed.

Snippet code - phptemplate to point to custom page template

Sometimes you will want to create a custom page.tpl.php for your drupal theme, the easiest way is to follow the drupal guide line for naming the page.tpl.php for example :

Theme for node/33 will be page-node-33.tpl.php , but what about if the page doesn't have a node name? or the name of the page link is dynamic? such as user/$uid ...

You can solve the problem by using this snipplet in your template.php assuming you are using phptemplate engine.

Snippet code to debug

Sometimes when developing a module you want to debug a variable or php array content, sure you can do that using drupal devel module, but sometimes you want to debug directly from your custom module code to see what is going on with the module to determine the error.

You can achieve the debug by using this snippet :

Database maintenance - Keep your drupal table optimized

Database maintenance module is very important to keep your drupal site healthy and... this is true for lazy or overworked administrator.

Basically what this module can and will do is doable without the module, if you are willing to spend time manually log in to the phpmyadmin and do the table optimizing in every once or two weeks.

But why do you want to do that manually if someone out there has already coded a module that can do the job automatically?.

DB maintenance module

Register with Picture - a simple module that should make to the core

In today website, it is almost unimaginable to let a user register to your site and finds out that your site registration form doesn't have the feature for them to upload a picture.

Sure you can upload the picture later on from the user account page but why not at the registration page?

This is where the Register with Picture modules comes in handy, as the name may suggest, the module main function is simply to add a file upload form for the user picture in the registration page.

Register With Picture module

PNGbehave - Don't leave home without it.

Before I knew this module exist in drupal, creating an Internet explorer 6 compliance site that can handle png transparency is a nightmare.

You can either manually install the pngfix script manually or change the picture to jpeg or even better change the picture to png 8 bit mode.

All the three options above is a nightmare to perform. not to mention its very time consuming to convert everything to jpg.

So now comes the rescuer. PNGbehave module for drupal!.

Nodewords - Important module for SEO

Some might say that nodewords module is not needed if your theme is themed correctly to handle the meta tags for the search engine optimization purposes.

In a sense they might be right to let the theme handles the meta tags and other SEO optimization but really, if you are developing your own themes and are tight in schedule, wouldn't it be great if you can just download a module and install it?.

Site redesigned

Today we launched the newly redesigned site.

The new design aimed to create the easy website to browse and shop.

Feature like shopping cart is greatly click reduced so shopper doesn't have to go through many pages before they can actually checkout.

Now demo server is separated from the main site to help improve site performances.

Forum is another feature added to this site, So kindly drop to our forum and post something for us.

Newsletter is disabled for now, and perhaps in the next revision the newsletter will be introduced again.