Do you know that you can theme ubercart cart empty page easily? The ubercart cart empty page is basically an "empty" page without complex coding attached into it. Practically the ubercart standard cart empty page is not really usable for a running web store.

To theme the page, we need to hook into theme_uc_empty_cart() function provided by ubercart.

This snippet is going to theme the page and provide a block region so you can put block element such as one created by views in the page.

// you need to add this to your theme .info files
// don't forget to clear cache afterwards
regions[shopping_cart_empty_top] = shopping cart empty top
regions[shopping_cart_empty_bottom] = shopping cart empty bottom

now you need to add these lines to your themes template.php files

 * Preprocess maintenance page
function drublue_preprocess_maintenance_page(&$variables) {
  drupal_add_css(path_to_theme() . '/css/maintenance.css', 'theme');

 * Altering theme function
function phptemplate_uc_empty_cart() {
  $output .= theme('blocks', 'shopping_cart_empty_top');
	$output .= ''. t('Empty Cart') . '' . t('Your shopping cart is empty, Would you like to ') . l(t('browse our product catalog?') , 'catalog') . '';
	$output .= theme('blocks', 'shopping_cart_empty_bottom');
  return $output;

Now you got yourself 2 extra block region, time for you to fill them with views created blocks and style the css away...