"You have 2000 members but only 200 of them actually upload a user picture.... now your site is full of "default" user picture"

Imagine if you have that kind of problem lying in your site. Sure it wont break your site. Just makes it a bit "ugly", is it acceptable?

We all know that user are lazy in general, asking them to click and upload a file is a daunting task for them. They will just either ignore it or flip away from your registration page.

But if we provides them with a pool of cool avatar that they can choose to without uploading anything then the probability of them clicking and select those avatar is a lot higher than asking them to search for image and upload the image to our server.

Now that is where this handy drupal module comes in hand. The avatar selection module will give you a pool of avatar image that the user can select during registration or profile edit.

The module support image mass uploading by ftp method. You just need to upload 1 file first using the module configuration page then a "bulk upload" fieldset option will comes out. Following the instruction in the "bulk upload" fieldset is fairly straight forward.

You just need to upload the image using ftp to the avatar_selection folder and on the module configuration page, click the scan the folder checkbox and save. Then all your uploaded file will be registered to the module database so the user can choose them.

By spending 15 minutes of your time installing avatar selection module, you can eliminate the "avatarless" situation in your site.

Project page : http://www.drupal.org/avatar_selection